Thank you for using Rent Check for your leasing needs.

Read the instructions and click the link below to access the Residential Lease Application.


This form can be completed online and then submitted via email ( or fax to (281) 444-3993. Save the form once you have completed all the necessary fields to keep for your records.

There are 2 ways to Submit:

(1) VIA EMAIL: Be sure to check both Acknowledgement boxes and type in your name for both Signatures on pages 3 & 4. Click the Submit button on page 4 and it will bring up options for an email program. Choose the email program and it will automatically attach the file and fill in the email address. Add "LEASE APPLICATION-[PROPERTY ADDRESS]" into the subject line. If for some reason you cannot access the email program you need, t you can always just attach your saved copy and send via email.

(2) VIA FAX: Complete all the fields, save the form, print, sign and fax the application to (281) 444-3993.

Click to open: Residential Lease Application